What about your workplace, your team, your community? Learn about AI and the Human working context in a flexible, on-location way, designed with your business case, sector and needs in mind. Keynotes are interactive, engaging and highly educational.

“Build-a-Bot”: Create your Fantasy Assistant for Work and Play

When was the last time you laughed out loud at work? We all need a personal assistant at work; someone who understands our needs, is capable of many of the content creation skills we use every day, who knows the company style guide, jargon and acronyms, stakeholder map, vision and mission. Learn how to create your own fantasy personal assistant.


The Great AI Comeback

Becoming an AI-Powered Version of Yourself After a Setback 
Things didn’t go the way you wanted them to thanks to a re-org, a layoff or redundancy. You didn’t get that promotion, new position or assignment. Time to start looking for something new. But where to start? AI-powered professionals are in high demand in nearly every sector of today’s economy. People who understand and use the tools have an easier time getting new and better work. Learn the tools and re-enter the market on your terms.


AI for HR

What’s AI, and how does it work? And, most importantly, what will it mean for HR, and your role as a leader or practitioner? Once we learn how to speak this strange, new language, we examine the very Human function of HR and pull the tasks, roles and overarching mission apart into its AI and Human domains.


The AI-Human Co-Creation Workflow

Becoming a future-ready AI professional will require two major focus areas: attaining a greater understanding of the tools and what tasks will be separated out to the bot and what will remain in the Human domain. The next step is setting the stage for a successful and sustainable model of AI-Human Co-Creation.


AI-Integration Strategy for Communication Professionals

Generative AI – text, voice, image, video, music – is a set of powerful multi-modal tools that are set to superpower our content development strategies. This is your “stack”: ChatGPT, MidJourney, Dall-E, 11Labs and HeyGen. See how they combine to augment your internal-external communication, visual storytelling, audio podcasting and social messaging.


AI-Powered Sales

Whether you’re an experienced sales professional, leader, or newcomer, the integration of multimodal AI (text, video, audio, visual, music) into your team and workflows is, nowadays, a necessity. AI integration into your own work process includes evaluation, retraining, understanding of basic principles, and the creation of a strategic roadmap.


ChatGPT Integration for Professionals

Understand what text-generative AI can and cannot do, and learn the basics of professional prompt engineering. Learn and practice the basics within the context of your organization. We work together towards integration into your current workflow. 


Visual AI

We’re all empowered to become illustrators, designers and visual storytellers at the highest level by taking the first steps and learning to incorporate AI in our workflows. As a professional communicator, leader or content creator, you will likely need to start integrating visual AI into your teams and workflows. MidJourney, Adobe, Dal-E and others: learn how they work and how to and use them effectively.



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