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Handbook for Post-Covid Communication


The pandemic fundamentally shifted how we work, communicate and relate to one another as Humans. It also signaled the birth of practical AI.

The Handbook for Post-Covid Communication is a prescriptive guidebook for effective messaging in the corporate space.

It is part graphic novel, part practical, business advice grounded in theory, and designed to be read on a smartphone.


Handbook for Post-Covid    Engagement


What does it mean to be “engaged” in today’s workplace? How do we inspire, inform and connect a working community and keep people onboard and rowing together?

A fun but practical business road map for leaders at any level, at any organization, offering easy steps to drive engagement and improve workplace culture.

Part graphic novel, part business advice grounded in theory, the Handbook is a fun and informative read designed to be read on a smartphone.

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AI-Powered: An Integration Guide for the Non-Technical Professional


This essential handbook will inform, empower and engage the non-technical professional with a basic understanding of AI and practical integration and governance strategies for any organization.

Focused on multimodal generative AI (text, image, voice, video), this is a fun, step-by-step guide is written specifically for non-technical professionals in the communication, HR, administrative or leadership fields.

Written 100% by Human, richly illustrated with Fiona’s unique comics and explained in simple, edgy language, “AI-Powered” is professional a roadmap everyone can enjoy and understand.


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