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I know what you’re thinking; “I definitely don’t want to enter my data because the Working Humans People will likely collect it all and sell it to an underground click farm and I will be spammed, botted and phished within an inch of my life.”

 That’s certainly what I think whenever I enter my email address on a random website.

 As one Human to another, I can assure you that I don’t know any click farmers and have no phish to fry. I don’t send out spam attacks because I don’t have time to develop them. If you choose to sign up for the Working Humans newsletter, I promise you that is the only thing you’ll see from me in your inbox. And I only send it out twice a month.




The contents of this website were written and illustrated solely by me (Fiona). But of course, you already know that, otherwise you wouldn’t be here. The site was built in WordPress.

You’re welcome to look around, have a laugh, and download whatever you want. Sign up for the Working Humans newsletter. Subscribe to the podcast. Share it with your friends.

Browsing digital content can be very risky for your mental health. There may be ideas and suggestions that trigger an emotional reaction. If something you see here causes you mental or physical pain, I can fully relate and understand. I feel that pain often when I read my own work.

But you’re a reasonable Human. You take responsibility for psychological and physical damage you may incur for things you choose to look at. Read the content and check out the comics at your own risk. If you don’t like what you see, you have every right to leave and seek out a more positive digital space, like Simon Sinek or Mo Gawdat.





I love cookies. The real kind.

I don’t actually understand what the digital cookies are, what they do, and how to add them to a website. This space does not carry advertising, so you will not be reminded of those shoes you were looking at last night. Nor will you be exposed to your purchases from the online personal grooming store from last week.

So, no cookies.

Speaking about cookies, my favorite ones are chocolate chip with 85% coca. Did you know they go great with coffee? There’s always time for coffee. Reach out via the Socials and see if there’s 20 minutes in your day to catch up.