Fiona helps leaders and teams with AI integration and training, speaking, workshops and facilitation. She comes into your work environment to run AI and leadership workshops, and works with teams and entire organisations to educate the “nontechnical” community about AI and adapting work flows

Fiona helps empower and guide Humans with AI integration and strategy, maximizing our communication and connection, engagement and creativity with the goal of bringing joy into the workplace. She is a passionate content producer, and the UK Business Book Award-winning author of Comic Books for Executives and host of the podcast “Working Humans”.

Fiona is now a keynote speaker, trainer, facilitator and coach via her company, Executive Storylines. Her interest in the promise of AI was sparked during her business masters which featured an AI concentration. Her upcoming book is called “AI-Powered Professional”. Fiona’s hobby and high-intensity training house is AI-related stand-up comedy.

The long road

The long road

Fiona’s meandering career path through some of the most powerful international organizations in Europe – NN-Group, PostNL, Danone, Achmea and Philips – gives her a unique perspective on how Humans interact in the corporate environment. She worked in HR, communications and employee engagement for more than 12 years.

Her years of front-line experience allows her to address the cutting edge of technological innovation, employee inspiration, passion and effective leadership. Today she helps leaders and teams in Europe, UK and the US, speaking at events, leadership summits or internal development days.



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Consafe Logistics AB

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EK Retail

European Commission

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“Fiona has the unique ability to balance practical tips on ChatGPT and Mid Journey with a wealth of knowledge on AI. I had the chance to witness her powerful presence when she gave a workshop held for 70 people with the aim of encouraging female leadership, where she successfully translated the theory of Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning into a captivating message with a wonderful sense of humour met with enthusiasm from the participants. We are grateful Fiona volunteered her time and gave a workshop for Female Ventures.”

V. Veleva

Female Ventures NL

“Thank you Fiona for a really thought provoking session. Left me with a lot of thoughts around the role of AI in speeding up what we do, and how we can use it to improve the visual nature of our messages. It’s always been the costliest part of comms to create visually engaging stories but as you say Fiona, so much opportunity if we do.”

H. Simpkins

Senior Internal Communications Business Partner AXA UK

“Fiona coordinated internal communication and engagement efforts at Philips Design with strong hands-on knowledge and a positive attitude. In particular, we worked together on creating a storytelling course aimed at designers and innovators for pitching their projects. She brought insightful and targeted content on story ingredients and structure, but she also impressed me with her use of narratives and visuals to make the course engaging, and her mesmerising presentation skills.”

E. Talgorn

Senior Design Strategist Philips Experience

“I thoroughly enjoyed Fiona’s presentation at the Hr Network conference yesterday. Some really useful advice which I know I can use with my clients.”

Dr R. Williams

NHS Stress Management

“I loved Fiona’s presentation! Hugely engaging!”

K. McNab


“Stimulating, to the point, with humor.”


W. de Ruijter

Executive Director VMAGROUP

“Really inspiring keynote at #hrnc23 from the amazing Fiona Passantino on how to be engaged, focused, and how to prioritise the ‘human’ in ‘human resources’. I especially loved how she talked about real fun vs forced fun at work, so much of it resonated with me!”

K. Male

Roffey Park Institute

“Great keynote by Fiona Passantino about how one can drive engagement in jobs with lower autonomy, or lower org commitment. Her thoughts on gamification and encouraging a healthy competition to foster performance as well as engagement in such jobs is a very interesting approach.”

S. Sachdeva

University of Strathclyde

“Fiona was brilliant. I really enjoyed the visuals and the insights. Evidence based, inspiring and practical – thank you!”

F. Martin

National HR Network Awards Glasgow Caledonian University

“I loved this from Fiona Passantino We all talk about encouraging a diverse range of opinions but that can mean we need to learn to handle creative Rebels.”

C. Moore


“Fiona Passantino, thank you for your fantastic and engaging presentation! Thoroughly enjoyed the event and the presentations by all the speakers at Edinburgh’s Murrayfield Stadium.”

A. A. Sheikh

Strand Solicitors

“I really enjoyed Fiona’s session in particular; I’ve already used the ‘flow’ concept in two conversations already – one with my son and one with a friend.”

P. Deaken


“Thank you again for a fantastic presentation.”

A. Killick

Leading Kind

“I really enjoyed Fiona’s presentation (and her boots!). I will definitely be taking some learnings on conscious workload reduction back to my team. I intend to keep up with her work.”

S. Kincaid

Leading Kind

“I thoroughly enjoyed Fiona’s session; it was extremely thought provoking (I was quoting some of her stats to my partner last night around burnout as he works too hard!).”

A. MacDonald

Coaching Culture Ltd.

“I was great listening to Fiona’s keynote presentation yesterday! I was thoroughly taken by what she had to say and really got me thinking about my own organisations short comings (and positive aspects!) with regards to focus and engagement! Absolutely delighted to have been introduced to her and her work. Thank you!”

G. Hunter

The Chartered Banker Institute

“I’ll have to say one of my favourite speakers was Fiona Passantino who had the most engaging animated presentation.”

N. Tukur

Leading Kind

“Fiona, thank you for such an engaging session this morning at the conference, you really brought the subject to life. I look forward to reading your book soon also!!”

S. Macfarlane


“Great talk, Fiona; very inspirational.”

Dr. A. Egan

Chief Executive Officer Roffey Park International

The team thoroughly enjoyed the keynote speech and the interactive session that followed. It was a great meeting for learning more about AI.”

F. Baily


“Dankjewel Fiona, helder verhaal! Boeiende ontwikkelingen.

A. van Eeuwen-Bos

“Just wanted to say thanks again for your brilliant contribution to the panel. You brought such energy and interesting discussions.”

G. Wilkinson


“Hartelijk dank Fiona, de AI-wereld weer een beetje meer geopend voor mij!”

K. Pittie

“Fiona Passantino was aanwezig als spreker voor een inspirerende presentatie waar ze fascinerende inzichten deelde over Chat GPT en Artificial Intelligence. Fiona wist ons met haar diepgaande kennis en boeiende presentatie te betoveren en vooral te inspireren over hoe we AI slim en verantwoord kunnen inzetten in ons dagelijks leven al dan niet als docent. Top Fiona. Bedankt!”


J. Spierings

CBT Voorzitter

“Dankjewel Fiona en nog een wereld om te leren kennen!!!”




P. Gruben

“Dankjewel Fiona, Rogier, Surplus, wellicht eens omzetten in de praktijk ja, aan de slag te gaan, te ervaren en daadwerkelijk de evt kracht te ontdekken. #tochinteressant #nognietwetenwatpreciesermeetedoen 🙂 Ps. de visuals waren inderdaad ook erg tof!”





A. van der Heijden

“Really great and insightful presentation”.

T. Pavlova

Learning & Development Manager Yara International

“Really great and insightful presentation!”

K. van den Berg

Head of Talent ABN AMRO bank bv

“Fiona Passantino’s masterclass was so inspiring and educational for Sales Marketers! It is indeed exciting to see how AI is transforming our understanding of the world and enabling us to develop new skills. It was particularly instructive in sharing knowledge and exploring the potential of AI. This is crucial in our rapidly evolving technological world. Here’s to more inspiring and educational experiences in the future!🤓

D. Van Damme