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With all the swirling emotions, it’s good to know that Humans still – and may always – have the edge when it comes to communicating with other Humans (which, thankfully, we are still doing). Why the absence of Human-generated content will actually make Large Language Models “dumber”. The “poisoned pool” and seven ways we still outperform.

AI Content Explosion

Workflow: Where the Human Steps In

AI-Powered Communicator

AI Poisoning

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About Fiona Passantino

Fiona is a speaker, trainer and coach, helping to empower working Humans with AI integration and strategy. The goal is to maximize our communication and connection, engagement and creativity with the goal of bringing inspiration into the workplace. She is a passionate content producer, and the UK Business Book Award-winning author of Comic Books for Executives and host of the podcast “Working Humans”. Her book is called “AI-Powered”.

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