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/imagine… an AI application that generates stunning, original art with the same ease as ChatGPT does for copy. Today’s content creators need visuals as much as they need words. Midjourney is one of several text-to-image GAN applications that ignite the debate about creativity in the human domain. Visual communication improves presentations, reports, articles, books, proposals, posts, advertising… just about every form of messaging. A brief guide to Midjourney; what it is, how to get started, and how to prompt like a pro. 

Midjourney Mountains in its own signature style


What’s Midjourney, and where did it come from?

AI-Powered Communicator

How does it work?

Foursquare variations

What do I use it for?

Aside from the sheer entertainment value, Midjourney has significant upsides for any comms team in its ability to create anything from book covers to ad campaigns, logos to icons to children’s book illustrations. It is at home in every visual style imaginable, from manga to Mondrian, graffiti to cave paining, hyperrealism to surrealism.

  1. Concept development and mock-ups
    Communications professionals can instantly game out a full campaign with an array of concept visuals and mockups for tight project deadlines. An idea can be fleshed out and presented with a set of high-resolution assets that bring ideas to life and communicate concepts effectively.
  • Detailing out finished artwork
    Architects and designers of all sorts – product, industrial, graphic, fashion, interior, footwear – can render finished work that is not only functional and gloriously detailed, but meeting the needs of the people using them by following the guidelines set by the prompter[v]. This allows designers to enjoy maximum efficiency, push the boundaries of the possible and follow their imagination.
  • Web and mobile app design
    User experience (UX) and user interface (UI) designers who build our websites, mobile apps and watch screens can play with their limited real estate and explore usability, functionality and aesthetics that are user-friendly, intuitive, and visually appealing. Web designers can build out screens and structures for multiple screens all at the same time to quickly work towards a winning concept.
  • A-Z-tested advertising
    From banners to billboards, Midjourney produces appealing visuals for nearly any format, weaving in text, barcodes and white space as indicated. You can instantly test dozens of advertising ideas without having to wait – or pay – for creative agencies to render them.
  • Branding
    From logos to banners to icons, thumbnails and favicons, Midjourney can deliver a full range of concepts that incorporate typography, thumbnails and stylistic variations to save time and energy in new branding, made for small and large scales.
  • Communication design
    PowerPoint presentations can now be generated with full-scale communicative artwork that explains and delivers an emotion. Trainers and instructors can develop their own visual learning materials without the help of agencies or studios. Anyone can illustrate a book or produce a series of original memes.

Style overview (from the Midjourney website)

Getting Started

Prompting like a Pro

TIP 1: Create your own room

Once you’ve soaked up the atmosphere and flow of the newbie room, it might be time to retreat to your own space. While you don’t get the exposure to other people’s writing, you will save yourself a lot of scrolling up and down to find your outputs.

Create a room with the “+” button and then add the Midjourney bot to your room to start generating.


“Purpose” according to Midjourney

Power up

No eyeballs to read or watch? There’s a podcast for you!

About Fiona Passantino

Fiona is a Culture, Engagement and Communications expert, helping teams and leaders engage, inspire and connect their teams through her company Executive Storylines. She is a speaker, facilitator, trainer, executive coach, podcaster blogger, YouTuber and the author of the Comic Books for Executives series. She also has a weekly radio show on Den Haag 92 FM on the Future of Work.

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